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Historic Digital City, ChamsCity

ChamsCity is a pioneer in Nigeria and globally. It is a world class Digital Mall that facilitates transactions in payment, identification, pleasure and large-scale data management. It provides a cashless, innovative and pioneering environment for digital transactions.

ChamsCity has the world record for the largest number of PCs in one digital mall at a time and has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. ChamsCity offers 1000 fully networked PCs in one location that enables processing and activation of a wide range of transactions simultaneously. Until ChamsCity, the world’s largest digital mall in New York offered no more than 670 PCs.

ChamsCity is designed to empower government agencies , educational institutions, professional organizations and associations, Financial institutions, IT service providers, corporate organizations and even small businesses to experience economic growth by being able to provide more efficient services to large populations and customers using information and communications technology , specifically identity management , electronic payments and online transactions systems.

ChamsCity locations are ideal for state governments who wish conduct digital citizen registration, mass social service enrolments, electronic payment collections etc. Educational institutions who wish to conduct online classes and entrance tests and regular examinations, large corporations conducting pre-qualification employee tests and staff training, utility and telecoms service providers wishing to provide online bill payment and pre-paid services, service providers wishing to extend their services to multiple locations, embassies that wish to conduct visa screening exercises , event managers wising to sell tickets online , Conference managers using modern ICT tools.

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